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Dowry 嫁妆

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Dowry(嫁妆) is considered as assets given by the bride's parent to the wedding couple.  This procession gave the bride's family the opportunity to display their social status, their love for their daughter and blessing to the couples for an everlasting marriage. The dowry consisted of basic needs of practical items, such as a basin, sewing kit, towels, bowls, mugs, bedsheets & etc

Dowry items should not be borrowed from others as it appears to the need of wedding couple to borrow money for their wedding which is very bad in chinese believes.

嫁妆是父母赠给女儿成家的财产,父母传承的爱与美好的祝福 。 忌讳跟别人借。嫁妆也是成家后的必需日用品,种类必须齐全代表生活基本需求不愁吃,不愁用。也象征新婚后能有美好生活。

Essential Dowry Items Listing as below:

Dowry Sewing Box Set 嫁妆锦绣针线盒
Descendant Pail Set 子孙宝桶
Dining Set 丰衣足食碗
Teaset 孝心茶具
Mug Set  夫妻对杯
Prosperity Lamp  添丁灯
2 pairs of Wedding Couple Slipper 夫妻同鞋
2 pairs of Chopstick 龙凤喜筷
Lady Fan 玉女扇
Xi Face Towel Set 喜字面巾
Mini 5 Element Seeds 五谷
Charcoal 旺炭
Premium Dowry Bag 嫁妆袋

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