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When we decided to venture into the business of selling wedding products, we were well aware of the availability of such business in the market. What prompted us to proceed & fulfill our passion in setting up this unique business is actually Marriage.

Marriage traditionally is the best & longest lasting social institution. Ethnic group particularly in Asia, religions will be far from being separated from cultural & social aspects of life and that determines the importance of observing religious rites & ritual in Marriage. To be able to observe such rules & regulations in marriage can be quite tedious & cumbersome to modern days people like us.

At ShuangXiLe, our motto is to preserve this long lasting meaningful cultures while yet we make your wedding customs so easy!

Most Important of all as we made it possible for your fingers instead of your legs to do the shopping online! We believe in quality and value. We know that planning a wedding can be very time consuming and costly so we strive to make your shopping experience at ShuangXiLe as easy and stress-free as possible. With this goal in mind, we are committed to provide you the the best selection of wedding stuffs at the lowest possible price that we could offer and the best deal that you can get nowhere else except at ShuangXiLe!


婚姻是一种非常美妙的事,以 爱的心灵结合了人类,延续了生命。

结婚习俗在成就一段美好姻缘扮演着非常重要的角色,它不仅把两个陌生的家庭结合在一起, 也让彼此家庭为他们未来许下了诚心的祝福。

然而, 在这个过程当中, 它让双方体验了无数的挑战,包括了互相接受,体谅, 与爱。

在这忙碌的都市生活里, 随着人们对婚礼的完美要求提升以及多元化的文化思想,要新人依然能够轻松地跟随华人传统习俗已不是一件简单的事。 随着时代的进步以及传统文化的流失已促使新人得花加倍的时间做好准备功课以及探索关于所应该知道的礼仪。 

我们是本着一颗简单的心灵, 希望把这种美好的事延续下去。让生命 更有意义。 

我们希望能借用父母给予的教育知识,把看似复杂的程序简单的陈列表达出来。 让更多的新人有更多的空间与时间, 为自己的终生大事做足准备,好让新人在收集资料,策划,执行决定的过程当中有更多更好的选择。 


总的来说, 有你们的陪伴在这条路上,是我们的幸福。

愿祝大家 : 欢喜成家, 快快乐乐!