Wedding Day (迎亲/过门)

The process starts with the groom fetching the bride together with matchmaker (媒婆/大妗姐)or elder relatives such as aunt (姑姑/姨妈), the groomsman and other helpers.

They will bring along red packets and a tray of oranges. The group of people will reach at bride's house and the brides Maid will usually set gatecrash game to get as much as angbao and to test the patience and persistent level of the groom and his buddies. After the gatecrash is cleared, the bridegroom will be allowed  to fetch his bride.

The couple will then heading to bridegroom's home and they will be conducted to the family altar, where they paid homage to Heaven and Earth, the family ancestors.

The couple will be served with sweet soup (longan red dates tea/tang yuan 龙眼红枣茶/汤圆).

Tea ceremony generally involve serving tea to the groom's parents and the rest of elder family members and relatives.

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