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Dowry - Traditional Package

Dowry - Traditional Package

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Traditional Wedding Dowry Special Package (传统嫁妆配套)

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If any items is not available, we will contact you before the order is processed.

FULLY CUSTOMISABLE!! Item in this package can be swapped with other design. e.g.  change lady fan to red lacey fan. Kindly contact us via email/Live Chat prior to order.

Dowry Sewing Box Set 嫁妆锦绣针线盒

Descendant Pail Set 子孙宝桶

Dining Set - Dragon Phoenix 丰衣足食碗

Teaset - Dragon Phoenix 孝心茶具

Mug Set - Dragon Phoenix 夫妻对杯

Prosperity Lamp - Small Round 添丁灯

2 pairs of Wedding Couple Slipper 夫妻同鞋

2 pairs of Chopstick 龙凤喜筷

Lady Fan 玉女扇

Red Face Towel Set 百年好合面巾

Mini 5 Element Seeds 五谷

Charcoal 旺炭

Premium Dowry Bag 精美嫁妆袋

Package Price: S$189.90